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Crime scene in the district of Poppenbüttel on the border with Sasel: large-scale police operation

Photo: Steven Hutchings / dpa

A man has been shot dead in front of a hookah bar in Hamburg. After the fact on late Sunday evening, several people had been provisionally arrested, said a spokesman for the police on Monday. The officers placed them, therefore, in the vicinity of the crime scene.

Several witnesses had heard the shots in the Poppenbüttel district on Sunday evening in the northeast of the city and notified the police by emergency call. According to initial findings, shots were fired when the man stepped outside the bar.

First responders tried in vain to resuscitate the victim. The man had succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The police have not yet provided any information on his identity, as well as on the possible background to the crime. It is still being investigated.