Lhasa, 9 September (Zhongxin Net) -- The tourism market of the ancient city of Lhasa, the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" is hot

China News Network reporter Jiang Feibo

"The two of us are from Zhejiang, planned the itinerary in advance, consigned the motorcycle to Dali, Yunnan, and on September 9rd, we set off from Dali and rode the famous Bingchacha Line into Tibet." On September 23 in Lhasa, Ye Yunlong and Chen Yahui, tourists who traveled to Tibet, told Chinanews.com that the trip to Tibet was their "journey to realize their dreams."

At present, during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day "Double Festival" holidays, the reporter saw at the entrance of the Potala Palace in Lhasa that the tourists on the scene lined up to visit one after another; At Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, tourists either line up to enter the scenic area or take tourist photos on Barkhor Street. Lhasa's tourist market is a hot scene.

The picture shows that on the morning of September 9, tourists lined up to enter the Potala Palace to visit. Photo by Jiang Feibo

Ye Yunlong said that he and his friends made a strategy and deliberately avoided the highland tourist season from June to August, "I didn't expect that in the Mid-Autumn Festival, there would be many tourists who drove and rode into Tibet, but fortunately motorcycles were not jammed." ”

Chen Yahui said that the two of them are motorcycle enthusiasts who have traveled to several provinces and regions along the southeast coast of China, and Ye Yunlong is entering Tibet for the second time, and he is entering Tibet for the first time. "The scenery along the way is very beautiful, canyons, forests, snow-capped mountains, glaciers... Riding into Tibet is definitely a great experience. He said that whether driving or cycling, the Pingchacha Line into Tibet is very challenging, but walking down will feel worthwhile.

The two plan to visit around Lhasa for a few days, and then ride the northern route of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway to Chengdu, Sichuan, Chen Yahui said: "We will definitely go to the Zizhu Temple in Dingqing, Qamdu, we have already read the guide on the Internet before, the location of that temple is very special, and we also watched aerial photography of donkey friends, which was very shocking." ”

The picture shows tourists and citizens passing through the Potala Palace on the morning of September 9. Photo by Jiang Feibo

In Lhasa's Nanshan Park, many tourists and citizens climbed the mountain together to "check in" this "Internet celebrity attraction" that caught fire this year. Yu Man, a tourist from Shanghai, told reporters that this was her second visit to Tibet, the last time she visited Tibet during the National Day holiday three years ago.

"I have a fascinated emotion for Tibet, in fact, the last time I was in Lhasa, I wanted to climb Nanshan Park, but the time was a little tight, plus it was the first time to enter Tibet, I didn't know if my body could withstand it, so I didn't dare to climb." Yu Man said that this time he flew directly to Lhasa on September 9, and he felt that his physical condition was very good, so he chose to climb Nanshan Park.

She also booked tickets to visit the Potala Palace, "There is no reason not to go to the Potala Palace in Tibet." ”

Yu Man's trip to Tibet lasted seven days, and she had already planned her trip to Ali's Kailash Mountain. "I will definitely come again, the last trip to Tibet, when I returned home, I felt that Tibet was too beautiful, I was reluctant to leave, and the change of ticket was postponed by one day." Yu Man said that not only the scenery, but also Tibetan culture fascinates him.

The picture shows tourists and citizens in Jokhang Temple Square on the morning of September 9. That day coincided with the day of the meridian, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street were full of smoke, and it was very lively. Photo by Jiang Feibo

Mr. Luo, who has been working as a tour guide in Tibet for more than ten years, told reporters that the tour groups he led this year all took flights to Nyingchi, known as the "Snowy Jiangnan", and after a short rest in Nyingchi, they went to Lhasa, Shannan and other places at higher altitudes. "Nyingchi has a low altitude and high oxygen content in the air, so tourists will be less worried about high altitude." He said that judging from the data of his own delegation, this year's tourism market in Tibet has recovered to the level of 2019% to <>% in the same period of <>.

"Tibet's unique scenery and culture are still very attractive to tourists." Mr. Luo said that in recent years, the transportation level in Tibet has been increasing, and the travel experience of tourists on the plateau has also improved, and his group members have returned to Nyingchi from Lhasa on the Lalin Railway Plateau Fuxing, and then flew back to other provinces and regions. He said tourists rated the experience of the Highland Fuxing very well. (End)