Lishui, September 9 (Shao Yanfei, Zhou Jian, Yao Jianfeng) "Although the preparation process for the assessment is painful, I think it is worth it to provide a strong referee guarantee for the Hangzhou Asian Games. Wang Hai, a national referee and technical official of the athletics event of the 30th Asian Games in Hangzhou, said in an interview.

The wonderful Asian Games events are inseparable from the guarantee of a group of professional and fair referees. In 2015, Wang Hai, a senior teacher from Qingyuan County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, learned that Hangzhou had successfully bid for the 19th Asian Games, and he had the idea of standing on the field of the Hangzhou Asian Games as a referee.

National referee Wang Hai. Photo courtesy of Yao Jianfeng

To anchor a goal, you have to act. After having this idea, Wang Hai, who has been committed to sports for many years, has worked towards this goal. However, to become an Asian Games referee, you need to go through strict selection and assessment, and obtaining the national referee qualification in athletics is the first "threshold" for Wang Hai to enter the Asian Games referee selection competition.

"The number of national judges is given to Zhejiang Province every year, only one or two. Each municipality selects one to participate in the provincial trials, and the top two candidates must be selected to have the opportunity to participate in the examination of national judges. Wang Hai said that for this reason, he often picks up lights and fights at night, making use of fragmented time, "teaching during the day, and learning at night will be more efficient." In addition to learning the professional knowledge of athletics, you also need to practice common spoken English, vocabulary, etc."

After unremitting efforts, in 2021, Wang Hai passed the selection test and successfully passed the national referee exam in athletics again.

Although the first "threshold" has been passed, there are still many challenges to become a referee in the Hangzhou Asian Games. It is reported that the judges of the Hangzhou Asian Games need to be strictly selected, and there are many inspection items such as referee level, physical fitness, and English level. Wang Hai said frankly, "When I took the national referee test for athletics before, I didn't find it so difficult. Because the Asian Games competition specifications are high, the examiners are all top international technical officials, and the overall difficulty of the assessment is much higher. ”

In July 2021, Wang Hai officially became the track and field judge of the Hangzhou Asian Games through the on-site referee and examination assessment of the "Charm Hangzhou" test competition. Therefore, he further intensified the practice of athletics rules, case studies of large-scale competitions, and spoken English.

The reporter learned that since teaching for 26 years, Wang Hai has successively won the honorary titles of Excellent Teacher in Lishui City and Model of Primary and Middle School Teachers in Zhejiang Province. In addition, as a member of the Township Sage Organization of Meizhou Subdistrict in Qingyuan County, Wang Hai's spirit of enthusiastic career and pursuit of dreams has also infected many people in his hometown.

Wang Hai teaches physical education. Photo courtesy of Yao Jianfeng

"This is my first time on the international stage, and I hope to add color to the Hangzhou Asian Games with my professional skills and fair and impartial adjudication. I will also share what I saw and felt during the Asian Games with my students to inspire their love of sports. Wang Hai said.

"The Xinxiangxian group represented by Wang Hai, their actions and influence have made positive contributions to the development of rural education." Wu Junhui, member of the United Front Work Committee of Meizhou Subdistrict, Qingyuan County, said that Wang Hai's enthusiastic career and enterprising spirit will inspire more children, and his professional quality and professional ethics will definitely be widely recognized and praised. (End)