The tide of Qiantang reflects the bright moon, and youth is accompanied by ancient and modern. On the evening of September 9th, the Voice of China of China Central Radio and Television Corporation broadcast the special live broadcast of "Bright Moon Zhao Home Country" on the bank of the Qiantang River in Haining, Zhejiang Province, under the Zhanao Pagoda, which brought out a new Mid-Autumn Festival charm in the DNA fusion of traditional culture and youth power.

As of 9:29 on September 24, the live broadcast of "Bright Moon Zhaojia Country" has been simultaneously launched on CCTV News Client, CCTV, Yunlisten, CCTV, CCTV News Weibo, Voice of China Douyin Kuaishou and Zhejiang Satellite TV New Media Platform, Haining Media New Media and other platforms, with more than 7000 million live broadcast listening and viewers, and the cumulative number of contacts on the whole platform has exceeded 2 million.

The Voice of China Mid-Autumn Festival special live broadcast "Bright Moon Illuminates Home Country", with the long-meaning feelings of home and country, the integration and innovation of traditional culture and youth inheritance, is generating unique brand influence among more and more audiences.

Little Hot Dusk, Guzheng Up Lord, "Dr. Chao"

Youth inheritance gives new vitality to traditional culture

Through the on-site experience of the "Moon Viewing Team" and "Listening to the Tide Team", fighting arts and interviews with intangible cultural inheritors, a large number of intangible cultural heritage items such as Hangzhou Xiao Hot Dusk, Burlesque, Kip Stone Lanterns, Haining Shadow Puppet Play, Chao God Sacrifice and so on are vividly displayed.

During the live broadcast, the host Miao Lin and Hangzhou Burlesque Art Theater young actor Hou Shenglin "Shuanglin Group" brilliantly interpreted the intangible cultural heritage art of "Little Hot Night" for the audience and netizens.

The live broadcast invited Moyun, the main guzheng player who is popular among young people, to cooperate with local folk music players to perform the opening song "Yuehua Dance" live. Live video has aroused enthusiastic responses on new media such as Station B and Weibo, and has appeared on the Weibo video soaring list.

The live broadcast also displayed the national intangible cultural heritage of Zhejiang Haining, such as the Gongshi Lantern and Haining shadow puppet play. The program specially invited the folk orchestra to perform songs such as "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon" and "Full Flower Moon Flowers" on the live broadcast, which carried the elements of folk music throughout the live broadcast, allowing the audience to revel in the feast of Chinese traditional culture and music.

Youth comes to the face

The youngest to host the Heavenly Group, with a better appearance

The special live broadcast of "Bright Moon Zhao Home Country" adopts a new host and guest lineup, radiating different audience groups such as the post-80s, post-90s, and post-00s. Three young hosts of Voice of China took on the important role, and four young guests from different cultural fields such as folk music, poetry, qu art, and Teochew culture participated in the live broadcast.

The guests formed the "Moon Appreciation" team, which is known for their poetry and songs, and the "Listening to the Tide" team, which is determined to promote the traditional opera art, and wittily broke through the barrier on the bank of the Qiantang River and under the Zhanao Pagoda, showing their talents, and the winner finally got the opportunity to climb the tower at zero point to overlook the tide of the Qiantang River.

During the live broadcast, the host Miao Lin and Chen Xijun, the overall winner of the sixth season of the Chinese Poetry Conference, and other wonderful clips such as the Mid-Autumn Festival "Flying Flower Order" triggered a climax of listening and ratings, and the comment area received rave reviews.

The whole live broadcast also incorporates elements of the ongoing Hangzhou Asian Games, and the youth rhythm on the Asian Games across the river infects the audience on the other end of the radio and the audience on the video end through the "latest list of today", and the youthful atmosphere is everywhere.

"Sound" is immersive

Jingcai live broadcast to feel the tide

The Mid-Autumn Festival special live broadcast "Bright Moon Illuminates the Home Country" is the first time that Voice of China and Yunting jointly launched an exclusive Jingcai sound live broadcast, which is the first time that China has adopted three-dimensional Jingcai sound technology in a new media platform broadcast live program. The rich sense of space and novel exclusive experience allow the audience to "sound" on the bank of the Qiantang River and feel the surging tide. During the live broadcast, the number of live broadcasts in the cloud listening terminal reached 63,<>.

At this time, the bright moon shines on the home country. Since its launch in 2022, the Voice of China Mid-Autumn Festival Special Live Broadcast "Bright Moon Illuminates the Home Country" has always taken expressing the feelings of the family and country, inheriting traditional culture, and gathering the strength of youth as its own responsibility, and constantly breaking through and innovating with the integrated communication concept of "thought + art + technology" proposed by the head office, creating a new "business card" belonging to the head office, which is becoming a festive chapter spanning different age "generations" and sharing family reunion.

Source: Voice of China (ID: zgzs001)

Executive producer丨 Hu Zuohua Gao Yan

Planning丨Guo Jing, Fan Xinzheng, Cao Meili

Written by丨Ding Fei, Xie Lei, Chen Yuyan, Gao Jue

New media editor丨Liu Bo