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The Girl with the Drone Earring

At the »Night Vibes Hong Kong«, spectators marvel at a spectacular drone performance. The festival lasts until Sunday and is known for its fireworks.

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China News Service / China News Service / Getty Images

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From the top down

Construction workers watch as King Charles III and Queen Camilla visit Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The British royal couple was on their first state visit to France. The visit was originally scheduled for March, but had to be postponed due to mass strikes and protests.

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

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Nice and neat

Members of the »Open Ten« choir are getting ready for their performance. The choir participates in an Isicathamiya festival in Durban. Isicathamiya is an a cappella music popular in South Africa, and in addition to perfectly sung harmonies, the performances also include the rise and exit of the choirs and their costumes.


Marco Longari / AFP

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United in protest

These people are taking part in a demonstration against the government in the Armenian capital Yerevan. The background is the conquest of Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijan.

Photo: Karen MInasyan / AFP

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Precious treasure

In Erfurt's Old Synagogue, the Jewish wedding ring from the so-called Jewish Treasure is exhibited. The city celebrates the inclusion of its Jewish-medieval heritage as a Unesco World Heritage Site. This was decided by the UN cultural organization on September 17 at its multi-day meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Photo: Martin Schutt / dpa

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So close to heaven

Javier Morillo from Venezuela holds up his eight-month-old son, Said Morillo. The photo was taken after father and son crossed the Rio Grande and made it from Mexico to Texas. The U.S. border authorities report that there have been 1.8 million incidents in the past twelve months in which emergency services encountered migrants trying to enter the United States.


Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP

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After the Flood

The flood waters caused by Storm Daniel in Greece have receded, geese run over the dried mud in the village of Vlochos. The storm claimed 17 lives and devastated the central region of Thessaly, the heart of Greek agricultural production. The flood drowned tens of thousands of livestock while engulfing warehouses of fertilizers, herbicides, gasoline and other chemicals, leaving behind a toxic flood mixture.

Photo: Angelos Tzortzinis / AFP

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Symbolically drunk

The Climate Protection Act is one of many projects of the traffic light coalition where there are problems. This lettering on the banks of the Spree in the government district is almost symbolic of this.

Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

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Farewell to the deity

A boy stands in Chennai, India, next to the remains of the deity Ganesha, which Hindus have immersed in the Bay of Bengal. During the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, devotees worship the Hindu deity – and finally say goodbye to the statue built for the festival in a joyful procession.

Photo: R. Satish Babu / AFP

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Spot on

While his band BTS is taking a break, the singer Jungkook from South Korea is taking advantage of the moment. Two months after his first single, he has now released a second one entitled »3D«. This time he enlisted the support of US rapper Jack Harlow. The audience, here at a performance by Jungkook in New York, seems to appreciate it.

Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP

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Sacré bleu!

A bit of an astronaut, a touch of preparation for the biosafety laboratory or even more complicated: fashion. At Paris Fashion Week, a model shows how the Pierre Cardin brand imagines the woman of the coming spring.

Photo: Julien de Rosa / AFP

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Laundry blockage

Numerous truck drivers have been on strike for more than two months at the Gräfenhausen service area for the payment of their salaries by a Polish freight forwarder. There is currently no end in sight to the strike, so the participating truck drivers have to improvise.

Photo: Hannes P Albert / picture alliance / dpa

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Breaking News

The 26-year-old Canadian Phil Kim, known as Phil Wizard, is warming up for the final of the World Championships in breaking, better known as breakdancing. The tournament took place at the end of September in Leuven, Belgium. "B Boy" Phil Wizard is considered one of the best in the discipline, which will be Olympic in Paris this summer.

Photo: Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images

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Silent mourning

Nuns and a monk attend a funeral in Iraq. Victims of a deadly fire that broke out at a wedding celebration in the town of Al-Hamdaniya were buried. According to the authorities, the hall where the wedding celebration took place was covered with highly flammable material. After the flames had spread, the hall collapsed.

Photo: Abdullah Rashid / REUTERS

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Four new auxiliary bishops of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles lie down on the floor of their church during ordination.


Allen J. Cockroaches / AP

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Get monitored

Employees of the Kenya Wildlife Service provide a sedated giraffe with a GPS transmitter. They want to document the movements of the animals in different habitats. One goal of the work is to prevent conflicts between humans and giraffes and thus contribute to the protection of the latter.


Thomas Mukoya / REUTERS

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Bad sex

A chicken farm in Menomblet, western France. The breeding facility is frighteningly cramped, and yet there is progress to be seen here: Due to new selection techniques, there are fewer and fewer male chicks that used to be sorted out and killed.

Photo: Sebastien Salom-Gomis / AFP

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Harvest colors

In the Afghan province of Kandahar, children lay out pomegranate seeds. They dry in the sun.

Photo: Sanaullah Seiman / AFP

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Unable to get through

Burning barricades block the Eisenbahnstraße in Leipzig. After a squat in the east of the city, several people came together, for hours several garbage cans, garbage, wooden objects or even pieces of furniture were set on fire.

Photo: EHL Media / IMAGO

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Two protesters hug each other after being taken into custody by police. They demonstrated in Berlin near the Autobahn 100 for a speed limit on motorways, the establishment of a climate council and affordable public transport.

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Photo: Fabrizio Bensch / REUTERS