Solène Delinger 08:00, September 30, 2023

Muriel Robin was the guest of Julia Vignali this Saturday morning on Europe 1 on the occasion of the broadcast Monday, October 2 of "Eyes Grands Fermés", a poignant TV movie on incest, broadcast on TF1. The actress, very committed, hopes that this fiction will free speech around this scourge.

After violence against women with L'Emprise, or school bullying with The day I burned my heart, TF1 tackles a new and very painful social subject: incest. Monday, October 2, the front page broadcasts an effect Les Yeux Grands Fermés, a poignant TV movie in which Muriel Robin plays the role of Anne-Marie, a grandmother without history who understands that her grandson Adrien, 6 years old, is sexually abused by his father Stéphane, who is none other than his own son. Anne-Marie is then faced with a dilemma: believe and protect Adrien or close her eyes and defend Stéphane.

"Everyone is silent"

Invited to the microphone of Julia Vignali this Saturday, September 30 to talk about this TV movie, Muriel Robin ensures that she had no trouble slipping into the skin of Anne-Marie. "I played a role in serving a story and a subject. On the other hand, women who bump into it in life then there.... Most often they choose silence and that is the whole problem of this scourge. The child is suffering. He experiences things that he should never experience and he lives them alone because everyone is silent. We have the figures now, it's between 4 and 6 million children victims of incest and to have so many victims, you need incestors, "says the actress.

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In Les Yeux Grands Fermés, Stéphane seems to be a completely normal father. For Muriel Robin, it is necessary to understand that horror can occur behind an apparent normality. "Incest happens in any environment, and it happens to one in ten children," says the actress who hopes that this TV movie will participate in the liberation of speech.