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Funfair (symbolic image)

Photo: Heiko Becker / dpa

In the marquee of a funfair in Hessisch Oldendorf (district of Hameln-Pyrmont), several people released irritant gas and injured more than 50 people. Most of those affected complained of coughing, vomiting and shortness of breath and were treated on site by the emergency services, police said.

Three people came to the hospital, according to a police spokesman. The tent was immediately cleared on Saturday night, and around 900 people had to leave it.

According to initial investigations, the perpetrators threw so-called pepper balls on the ground, which burst open and then slowly spread irritant gas in the air. Two suspects – both 20 years old – were provisionally arrested. The police in Hamelin (Lower Saxony) are looking for witnesses who observed the incident or were injured by the irritant gas.