According to the expert, on Sunday, the first day of October, the weather will change significantly.

"The air masses will move from the west, not the southwest, and will be more saturated with moisture. Light rain is expected tomorrow. The temperature will drop by about three to four degrees. The temperature background on Sunday is +17 ° C. And now it is + 21 ... + 22 ° C, and yesterday it was +23 ° C, so Muscovites will feel the change and it will seem that it has become colder, "Vilfand said.

But in fact, he noted, October will begin with very warm weather.

"Temperatures will be four degrees above normal from Sunday to Tuesday. Significant precipitation is not expected this week. On Wednesday, a cyclone will approach the center of European Russia and Moscow will be on its eastern periphery. Because of this, for one day, the air flow will become very warm and the temperature will rise to + 15 ... + 20 ° C. But in the second half of the week the temperature will begin to drop. Night temperatures, starting from Thursday, + 2 ... + 7 ° C, and daytime + 10 ... + 14 ° C. Such a temperature background is close to normal, "the forecaster concluded.

Earlier, meteorologist, leading specialist of the weather center "Phobos" Yevgeny Tishkovets said that the Indian summer in the metropolitan region will end with the onset of October.