【Commentary】On September 9, Zhang Hongyang, a 29-year-old girl from Changchun, Jilin, and her partners dressed in Han costumes participated in a solemn and elegant Ming Dynasty moon worship ceremony, which attracted citizens to watch. While celebrating the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, these girls also showed the beauty of traditional Chinese culture.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, women set up incense cases, set mooncakes, melons and fruits, etc., and unmarried women worshiped them before the case. The ancient Chinese folk custom of "moon worship" pinned on people's good wishes and unremitting pursuit of a happy life.

The day's activities were organized by the local youth Hanfu club in Changchun, and Zhang Hongyang was the youngest girl in the team. She told reporters that they consulted a lot of information for this performance.

[During the same period] Zhang Hongyang

It took almost a month. Because we all have our own jobs, our own studies, and basically we get together on weekends. We will look up some materials together, or go to the Internet to find information, and even some friends around me will check some papers.

【Commentary】Zhang Hongyang introduced that in order to present the best effect, they streamlined some steps and processes. But in the choice of clothing, everyone is still very attentive.

[During the same period] Zhang Hongyang

The one I'm wearing today is a bright crewneck placket, followed by a horse face skirt underneath. The round neck was a relatively formal dress in ancient times, and today we can wear this body, including our other people who play the role of the jade rabbit, we all wear a variety of styles in the Ming Dynasty, and I hope to let everyone better understand the differences between the Ming and Hanfu, and I hope you can like Hanfu more.

【Commentary】This exhibition attracted many citizens to stop and watch, which made the performers very gratified. Zhang Hongyang said that the best protection for culture is to let it appear in the public's field of vision all the time.

[During the same period] Zhang Hongyang

I hope everyone can better accept that traditional culture is around us. It is said that the best protection of culture is to let it appear in the public eye, and I hope that everyone can better accept it.

Reporter Lu Shengnan reported from Changchun

Responsible Editor: [He Sanli]