Laurent Mariotte SEASON 2023 - 202412h35, September 30, 2023

Laurent Mariotte surrounds himself with bon vivants for a show about everyday cooking: whether they are chefs, artists or intellectuals, they have in common this passion for eating well and share it for 1h30 with Europe 1 listeners. Gourmet walks through the markets and at the producers' homes, simple recipes and advice close to the concerns of the listeners... The unmissable event for gourmets!

Seasonal products and advice, Laurent Mariotte and his bon vivants are here for the sixth season of La table des Bons vivants! A show to help you eat well and understand what you eat.

This week, Laurent Mariotte is surrounded by Nathalie George, the cook on the 6th floor, and Emmanuel Rubin, the food critic you read in Le Figaro.

Every week, Laurent Mariotte and his columnists talk about their taste for the week. Whether it was a flavor that marked their week, a restaurant that caught their eye, a dish that they cooked or that was concocted for them. The opportunity to discover new flavors or new addresses, favorites but also rants. This week, Nathalie George tells us that she cooked an Armorican sauce. Emmanuel Rubin shared the address of Bistrot Les Griffes in Paris for his Boeuf Wellington. And Laurent Mariotte tells us about flavors of Périgord, such as fresh walnuts, canned duck or chef Louis Festa's restaurant Les singuliers in Saint-Astier.

It is also an opportunity for you, dear listeners of Europe 1, to tell us about your taste of the week. If you wish to participate, you have two solutions: on the answering machine of Europe 1 at 01 80 20 39 21 (free number) or on the Facebook page of the show "Laurent Mariotte, the group of bon vivants of Europe 1". One listener will be selected each week.

In the second part of the show, Laurent Mariotte takes you to a market, as every week: a different market, everywhere in France. Today we ask ourselves: Has autumn arrived on the shelves? The answer in the East of the France, with Mélina Facchin at the Place Broglie market in Strasbourg.

Three files for the price of one this week! The first is devoted to delicatessens. Laurent Mariotte and his columnists Nathalie George and Emmanuel Rubin wonder if delicatessens have a future. Emmanuel Rubin tells us about the genesis of delicatessens, at a time when La grande épicerie de Paris is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

In a second issue, Laurent Mariotte and his acolytes are interested in freshwater fish. They wonder if they are worth the taste. Laurent Mariotte went to meet one of the only 2 professional fishermen of Lake Annecy. And chef Christophe Hay, from the Fleur de Loire establishment in Blois, tells us about his love for Loire fish... His signature dish is: carp à la Chambord.

Last issue of the week: Can the plant make a recipe in restaurants? They detail this subject with the gastronomic journalist Emmanuelle Jary, author of the videos It's better when it's good!

As in every episode, the team of the table of bon vivants continues to play with you. Laurent Mariotte makes you listen to a sound related to cooking... It's up to you to find out.

Each week, a dish of the day is made. This Saturday, it is the chef of the Bistrot des Tournelles in Paris, Geoffroy Langella who delights the table. Aged 34, son of a butcher / butcher / butcher / caterer, he cooks a Provençal stew for our guest Emmanuelle Jary. He likes to please with the juice and sauces of his dishes. He makes a Provençal stew, according to a family recipe of more than 20 years that he takes from his father. The recipe can be found on

In tasting, an organic Beaujolais from Domaine Thillardon in Chénas.

And columnist Nathalie George tells us how her grandmother passed on her passion for cooking.

At the end of the episode, Laurent Mariotte passes the gastronomic journalist Emmanuelle Jary on the grill of the Bons vivants. He answers Laurent Mariotte's questions so that we know him better on the other side of the fork. What is the dish of your childhood? What's always in your fridge? What is your secret address? What is the word of hunger? Here are some of the questions asked by Laurent Mariotte. We discover that Emmanuelle Jary is addicted to cheese.


Laurent Mariotte is surrounded by the Bons vivants: Nathalie George and Emmanuel Rubin

Our guest: journalist Emmanuelle Jary

> His review It's better when it's good #2 has just been released!

> His book "C'est mieux quand c'est bon - le livre des recettes " has just been published by Hachette.

Tastes of the week

  • Laurent Mariotte: the taste of Périgord with fresh walnuts from Lucette A la A LA NOIX PATIENTE, the duck canning of Valérie and Denis and the restaurant Les singuliers of chef Louis Festa in Saint Astier.

  • Nathalie George: Armorican sauce
  • Emmanuel Rubin: a Wellington beef at Bistrot Les Griffes in Paris

  • Emmanuelle Jary: Lebanese restaurant Eats Thyme in Paris

> You too tell us your taste of the week on the answering machine of Europe 1 at 01 80 20 39 21 (non-surcharged number).

The vox pop of the week

Has autumn arrived on the shelves? The answer with the correspondent of Europe 1 in the East of the France, Mélina Facchin on the market of the Place Broglie in Strasbourg.

News of the week

- Le Grand Parisien and La Revue du vin de France organize the first wine competition of Île-de-France, in partnership with Europe 1.

Records of the week

- Do delicatessens have a future?

> Emmanuel Rubin Chronicle on the History of Delicatessens

> 100 years of the Grande épicerie de Paris: Happy birthday!

Institutions in the provinces:

There are many institutions all over France

> Maison Arostéguy in Biarritz since 1875, the oldest grocery store in France still in operation.

> Maison Gosselin in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue since 1889.

> Maison Reignier in Le Mans since 1885.

Tasting: Pot'Vlees - La Conserverie Saint Christophe / Zaatar - Terre Exotique / Chestnut cream - Angelina

- Are freshwater fish worth the taste?

Report by Laurent Mariotte with one of the last 2 fishermen of Lake Annecy: Florent Capretti.

With chef Christophe Hay, from Fleur de Loire in Blois (Loir-et-Cher)

- Can the plant make recipes in restaurants?

The dish of the day

The Provençal stew of chef Geoffroy LANGELLA, chef of the Bistrot des Tournelles, in the 4th arrondissement in Paris.

The wine of the day

Organic wine Domaine Thillardon in Chénas - Beaujolais

Tasting in the glasses of the Reveal'Up collection by Chef&Sommelier