An event was held in Maebashi City to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Gunma Prefecture's mascot character "Gunma-chan" next year, and "Kumamon" from Kumamoto Prefecture also rushed to celebrate.

This event is called "Local Chara Carnival" and is held at the Gunma Prefectural Office for two days from 30 days.

On the morning of the 2th, more than 30 characters from all over the country gathered on stage to present "Gunma-chan" with a medal commemorating the 50th anniversary of Kumamon's birth as a token of gratitude.

After this, the local characters moved to their respective booths, and visitors took pictures and interacted with each other.

A third-grade elementary school girl from Saitama Prefecture said, "Gunma-chan was cute, and it was fun to meet various characters."

In addition, a woman in her 3s from Maebashi City said, "I've been watching Gunma-chan since I was a child, so I'm glad that she has continued her activities so far."

Gunma-chan will celebrate 30 years since its birth next year, but according to Gunma Prefecture, its age is "forever 30 years old".