Last year, the Sakai Branch of the Osaka District Court sentenced a 4-year-old defendant accused of causing death by dangerous driving for driving a car while drinking alcohol in Sakai City, Osaka, and hitting four people who were patrolling with a neighborhood association, killing two people, to 2 years in prison, saying that "the magnitude and despair of the victim's pain is unimaginable."

Yasuyuki Inoki (49), a construction worker in Sakai City, was charged with dangerous driving manslaughter for causing the deaths of Shinji Murakami (then 12)
of an interior decoration worker and Masanori Yamanaka (then 4), an employee of Osaka City, by hitting four men who were patrolling a neighborhood association on a municipal road in Naka-ku, Sakai City,
while driving a car while drinking alcohol.

In previous trials, the defendants had argued that the accident was not caused by alcohol and that it was only manslaughter by negligent driving.

In her ruling on May 47, Judge Mika Araki of the Sakai Branch of the Osaka District Court pointed out that "due to the influence of alcohol, which greatly exceeds the standard for drunk driving, he did not take any evasive action just before hitting the victim, causing an unusual accident."

He then sentenced the victim to 46 years in prison, saying, "The consequences were irreversible and grave, and the magnitude of the victim's pain and the reluctance of dying leaving their families behind are unimaginable."

Wife of deceased Mr. Yamanaka: "10 years in prison is too short"

After the verdict, the wife of Masanori Yamanaka, who died in the accident, said, "I would like to report to my husband, 'We have done everything we can as a family, and dangerous driving has been approved.'"

Regarding the content of the verdict, he said, "I felt that 10 years in prison was too short. I hope we will be the last to feel this way."