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Pierre Arditi, 78, will take a one-week break after suffering a vagal malaise on stage during the performance of the play "Lapin". After a visit to the hospital for thorough examinations, the actor was able to return home in the night.

Pierre Arditi was the victim of a "vagal malaise" Wednesday night on stage, which led to the interruption of the play in which he plays, and he must rest for a week, said Thursday the press service of the play. After thorough examinations, he left the Lariboisière hospital, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, where he had been admitted. "There is no stroke. (...) It's scared anyway, it's still not nothing but, well, it's okay, it's over, "said Thursday morning Pierre Arditi on BFMTV.

The show will resume from Wednesday, October 4

The actor returned home during the night, his condition no longer causing concern. This Wednesday, September 27, he made a discomfort while he was on the stage of the Edouard VII theater in Paris, about twenty minutes after the beginning of the performance of Rabbit. The performance of this duet play with Muriel Robin, eagerly awaited in this cultural season, was immediately interrupted, the curtain was lowered and the spectators invited to leave the room.

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"After 15 minutes, we saw that he had a stop in his speech (...), he no longer has any reaction, he is silent," testified Eric, a spectator present in the room, at the microphone of Pascal Praud and you, this Thursday. On the side of the entourage of the actor, it is specified that "the play is interrupted to respect a period of rest and will resume Wednesday evening".

As comfortable on stage as on the big screen, Pierre Arditi is a popular figure in French cultural life. He has collaborated several times with filmmakers such as Alain Resnais and Claude Lelouch, while pursuing an intense career on stage and on the small screen. Awarded two César and a Molière, he is known for his deep voice and his roles as a seductive seducer.