TOHO Cinemas, which operates movie theaters nationwide, was investigated by the Japan Fair Trade Commission for allegedly violating the Antimonopoly Act by unfairly binding the business of film distributors by pressuring others not to distribute films other than its own, and submitted a plan to voluntarily commit to prevent recurrence, according to interviews with people involved.

TOHO Cinemas, a subsidiary of Toho, is a major movie theater operator with approximately 70 movie theaters nationwide.

According to those involved, "TOHO Cinemas" is suspected of unfairly binding the distributor's business by putting pressure on other companies not to distribute the film preferentially to its own company, and the Japan Fair Trade Commission has been investigating the alleged violation of the Antimonopoly Act. It means that we have submitted a plan to voluntarily commit not to make requests that would be detrimental to the distributor in the future and to take measures to prevent recurrence.

If the measures to prevent recurrence indicated in the voluntary plan are deemed sufficient, administrative sanctions such as cease and desist orders and warnings are exempted, and the Japan Fair Trade Commission will decide on a response after carefully examining the contents.

TOHO Cinemas told NHK, "We cannot comment on this case because it is under investigation, but we are cooperating with the investigation by the Japan Fair Trade Commission."