Three bears, believed to be parents and children, were sighted in a residential area of Sapporo City. There were reports of bear sightings in this area one after another on the 3th and 25th, and staff and parents are taking precautions at nearby elementary schools such as going to school with their children.

The bear was sighted in a residential area of Yamate, Nishi-ku, Sapporo, and at around 27 a.m. on the 4th, a person delivering newspapers called the police to report that there were three bears on the street.

One was about 3.1 meters long, and the other two were about 1 to 6 centimeters in size, and they were thought to be parents and children, and they moved from the street to a nearby river.

In this vicinity, there have been a series of sightings of bears that are believed to be parents and children on the 2th and 70th, and they are believed to be the same individual.

At elementary schools, watching over children on the way to school

In response to this, at the nearby Yamanoteminami Elementary School on the morning of the 27th, staff stood on the way to school to watch over the children and parents went to school together to keep a vigilant guard.

The mother of a second- and fifth-grader who accompanied her to school said, "This is the first time a bear has come out so close, and I am afraid and I don't want to go out alone at night."

More than 2600,9 sightings reported this year (as of September 18)

According to the police summary, the number of reports of bear sightings in Hokkaido has exceeded 18,2600 as of the 1th of this month, already exceeding the number of reports in one year last year.

This year, due to the extreme heat, the growth of nuts was delayed, and there was a shortage of food in the forest, and there is a possibility that people are also going out near the city in search of food, so the police and the city are calling on residents to be careful.