"Moon" (Deo mun)

The South Korean-made film was directed by Kim Yong-hwa, who previously worked on the films "With the Gods: Two Worlds" and "200 Pounds of Beauty".

The action takes place in 2029. The South Korean government is sending three astronauts to explore the moon. The mission ends in failure due to a solar flare, and one rookie astronaut, Hwang Sung-woo, the son of the late engineer, remains alive. He will have to survive in difficult conditions, while on Earth they are trying to figure out how to bring him back.

Critics who managed to watch the film praise it for its exciting plot and action.


Alexander Veledinsky, director of the film "The Geographer Drank the Globe", shot a drama in which the action takes place during the internal political conflict in Russia in 1993. The plot is based on the novel of the same name by writer Sergei Shargunov. At the center of the story is an ordinary family that is trying to survive the difficulties of that broken period.

"In those fateful days of the autumn of 1993, many people did not understand what kind of crowd they were in, whose side they were on, who was shooting, often did not know what was happening. People were just walking, because everyone was going somewhere: someone was just sucked into the crowd right out of the trolleybuses. Where and for what we are going - not even half of them, "the director said in an interview with Eanews.

According to "Vokrug-TV", the authors of the film decided to show how the events that took place 30 years ago affected the worldview and lifestyle of some people.

The roles in the film were played by Ekaterina Vilkova ("The Last Bogatyr"), Evgeny Tsyganov ("The Battle for Sevastopol"), Maxim Lagashkin ("Mira"), Alexandra Rebenok ("Happy End"), Anna Tsvetkova ("Chaliapin"), Alexander Robak ("The Geographer Drank the Globe") and others.

"Great Irony" (Coup de chance)

"The Great Irony" is a new work by the famous director and screenwriter Woody Allen. In the center of the plot is a young and unhappy married Frenchwoman Fanny Moreau, who works in an auction house. One fall, ironically, she meets a schoolmate, Alain. Fanny learns that Alain was passionately in love with her. This excites the heroine and makes you wonder what her life would have been like if she had found out about it before her marriage.

Spending time with Alain, Fanny realizes that every day she is more and more attracted to a dreamy writer, and she is tired of her husband's social life. Soon, school friends begin a secret affair. However, Fanny's husband Jean turns out to be very shrewd and jealous. He hires a detective to spy on his wife, and a casual affair turns into a dangerous game with life at stake.

The film starred such artists as Lou de Laage ("Black Box"), Melville Poupaud ("An Officer and a Spy"), Niels Schneider ("Curiosa"), Valérie Lemercier ("Unfired") and others.

Allen's film was first screened at the Venice Film Festival on September 4, 2023. Most of the critics who watched the tape were delighted. For example, Jonathan Romney, in a review for ScreenDaily, writes that the filmmaker worked well in the script on the theme of "luck, chance, destiny and irony." The expert also praises the acting tandem of de Laage and Schneider and confidently declares that the director's talent has not faded.

"With The Great Irony, Allen got something that can surprise everyone. He found not only something new, but at least a new approach to business, and even in French, "says Romney.

"Phantom" (Yuryeong)

The historical South Korean thriller is set in 1933 during the occupation of Korea by Japan. After the attack on the governor, five alleged members of the anti-Japanese Phantom resistance are brought to the hotel for interrogation. Once indoors and in a dangerous position, the suspects will have to try to get out alive. The situation becomes tense, because each of the heroes begins to suspect each other.

The director was Lee Hae-young ("Gyeongseong School: Missing"). He is also one of the authors of the screenplay. The main roles were played by Lee Ha-ni ("Extreme Work"), Seol Kyung-gu ("Memories of a Killer"), Park Hae-su ("Squid Game") and Park Seo-dam ("Parasite").

Filming took place from January to May 2021. The film participated in the Fantasia Film Festival and was awarded the Audience Award.

"Ivan Semyonov: The Great Campaign"

The continuation of the adventures of Ivan Semenov, a red-haired prankster and dreamer, is released on the screens. This time a tragedy occurred in his life: the character's school love Tanya announced that she would soon go to study abroad. Vanya is upset, because he has been trying to woo her for so long. He decides at all costs to prevent Tanya's departure - he tries to bribe the heroine's parents, make a marriage proposal, and even tries to kidnap his beloved, but all in vain. The only one who can help is a shaman. To find him, Vanya, along with a group of friends, embark on a journey full of dangers.

The director of the comedy for the whole family was Anton Bogdanov. He also directed the previous film about the red-haired boy - "Ivan Semyonov: School Trouble" (2022). The role of Semyonov was again played by Roman Pogorelov. Maria Shukshina, Ilya Iosifov, Nikita Kologrivy, Sofia Mosina and many others also starred in the film.

The film was filmed in the Perm region and was first shown there.

"This is our fundamental decision to hold the first premiere in Perm, because Ivan Semyonov comes from this city, where it was born, written and filmed. Tickets to all seven cinema halls were sold out for the show, which is an absolute record for us! There are a lot of spectators, rave reviews, good mood, which could not but charge us for a further premiere tour and, we hope, a successful release of the film in all cinemas of the country, "the 59i.ru portal quotes the director