WarioWare Move It (Nintendo)  

A motion-based microgame by Nintendo built around the controls. It is an interactive and chaotic board game that forces the player to move. "WarioWare Move it" will be released on November 3.

Thirsty Suitors (Outerloop Games) 

The game revolves around the teenager Jala and her relationships and is about developing as a human being and finding yourself. Here you may confront your exes or disappoint your parents in your cooking. Difficult topics mix humor. "Thirsty Suitors" will be released November 2.

Alan Wake 2 (Remedy)  

The sequel to a claustrophobic horror game by the Finnish developer Remedy. The game is about author Alan Wake who is stuck in his own horror novel and his attempts to write his way out of the novel. "Alan Wake 2" will be released October 27.