One of the eight major shogi titles, the third round of the "Championship Match" 1th game has started in Nagoya. With Takuya Nagase (3) and challenger Sota Fujii (31) each winning one victory, it will be interesting to see if Nagase defends his title or if Fujii comes one step closer to becoming the first player in history to monopolize the eight major titles.

The third round of the "Championship Match" was held at a hotel in Nagoya City on the 27th, with Nagase entering the game room first, followed by Fujii Shichikaku sitting in front of the board.

The game started at 9 a.m., and when the first player, Fujii Nanakaku, took a step ahead of the flying car, Nagase responded by opening the square path and proceeding to put together pieces with each other.

In the best-of-five "Championship Match", the first three winners won the title, with Nagase winning the first round and Fujii Shichikaku winning the second round.

The "Title" is the only title not held by Fujii's Seven Crowns, and if he wins this best-of-five match, he will become the first person in history to monopolize the eight major titles.

On the other hand, Nagase, who has won the "Championship Battle" four times in a row, will become the third person in this title to qualify for the permanent title "Honorary Title" when he defends it.

The winner of the third round is expected to be decided on the night of the 3th.