While China suspended imports of Japan seafood, scallops were served at a high school in Kitami City, Hokkaido, in conjunction with a marathon in an attempt to support local specialties.

On the 27th, a marathon was held at Tokoro High School in Tokoro-cho, Kitami City, and more than 1 students from the first to the third year participated in the marathon and ran an 3-kilometer course around the town.

At the finish line, scallops grilled over charcoal were served, and the students who finished the race tasted them together with their teachers and parents.

This initiative was planned by the school and the PTA to support local specialties as the impact spread in Hokkaido after China suspended imports of Japan marine products, and 150 scallops were prepared.

In addition, at the venue, rice pee made with red beans from Tokoro was served, and the students soothed their tired bodies while enjoying local ingredients.

A third-grade student who ate scallops said, "I wanted salt after running, so they were very delicious."

Shintaro Matsuyama, a teacher at Tokoro High School, who organized the project, said, "I want the children to rediscover the wonderfulness of local scallops."