Regarding the selection of a site for disposal of high-level radioactive waste generated by nuclear power generation, so-called "nuclear waste," the mayor of Tsushima City, Nagasaki Prefecture, who has been debating whether to accept the first stage of the "literature survey," has decided not to accept the survey, according to interviews with people involved.
Mayor Masaru Hida plans to express his thoughts at the City Council meeting after this.

The law stipulates that "nuclear waste" must be buried deeper than 300 meters underground at a final disposal site, and a three-stage survey is required to select a disposal site.

Regarding the acceptance of the "literature survey," which is the first stage of this, the Tsushima City Council adopted a petition by a majority of 3 to 1 on the 12th of this month calling for the promotion of the acceptance of the "literature survey" issued by supporters' groups.

Since the mayor is supposed to ultimately decide whether or not to respond to the literature survey, attention was focused on Mayor Masaru Hida's decision, but interviews with related parties revealed that the mayor has decided not to accept the survey.

While the pros and cons of the survey were divided, it seems that they decided that it would be difficult to gain the understanding of the public.

Mayor Masaru Hida plans to present his thoughts at the City Council meeting, which is approaching its final day.

A survey for the selection of disposal sites for nuclear waste has been conducted for the first time in Japan in two municipalities in Hokkaido three years ago, and work is currently underway to compile a report on the literature survey.