The trial of the arson murder case of "Kyoto Animation" began on the 27th, and an employee who witnessed the moment when defendant Shinji Aoba lit the fire testified that "the defendant vigorously poured a liquid that smelled like fuel on his head and body.

Shinji Aoba, 45, is accused of murder, arson, and other crimes for dousing gasoline and setting fire to the first studio of Kyoto Animation in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto four years ago, killing 4 employees and seriously injuring 2019 others.

In previous trials, the defendant's lawyers have pleaded not guilty, saying they were not responsible.

The trial held at the Kyoto District Court began with witness questioning on the 27th, and two employees who were in the building at the time and witnessed the defendant set fire to the fire took the witness stand.

Among them, a female employee testified through a shield so that the defendant and the audience could not see him, and said, "The defendant poured a liquid that smelled like fuel vigorously on his head and body, and then set it on fire while saying 'die' in a loud voice. The fire went up to the ceiling and I ran into the bathroom."

A male employee testified that he was shouting short words at him, and the room was glowing so bright that it turned white, and the smell of gasoline and hot air rushed in with a dull loud sound."

On the 2nd of next month, witnesses will be questioned by the president of Kyoto Animation and the firefighters who were involved in the extinguishing of the fire.