The defendants were questioned in two trials of four cases in which the Kudo-kai, a specially designated dangerous organized crime group in Kitakyushu City, attacked citizens, and the head of the organization, who was accused of murder and other crimes and sentenced to death in the first trial, once again denied involvement in all the cases, saying, "I never ordered the attack."

The specified danger designated crime group "Kudo-kai" has four incidents from Heisei 10 to 26, including shooting and killing the former president of a fishing cooperative in Kitakyushu City and attacking three people including a nurse and a dentist with pistols and knives, and the Fukuoka District Court in the first trial ruled that all of them were accused of murder and other crimes ▽ The head of the organization, President Satoru Nomura (3), was
sentenced to death.
Fumio Tagami, 4, the number two chairman, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

In the second trial that began at the Fukuoka High Court this month, Nomura was questioned on the 2th, and when asked by his lawyer if he had ever ordered the attack, Nomura said "No," and again denied his involvement in the four cases.

He also emphasized that the position of "Governor" was not an organization that had already ceded all authority and gave instructions itself.

On the other hand, immediately after being sentenced to death in the first trial, he said to the presiding judge, "I will regret it for the rest of my life," saying, "I am full of apologies for causing concern to the citizens. I was wondering if there would be such a trial."

On the 27th, defendant Taue was questioned about the reason for admitting his involvement in the two cases, saying, "I thought I should face the victim and the person who was sentenced to a long prison sentence under my instructions, and I wanted to tell the truth.