On September 15, Enrique López Sáez, Kike, disappeared without leaving a single clue. The last time he was seen was at the Camilo José Cela viewpoint in Cuenca.

A week after an intense search by the Civil Protection, Fire and Police services, on September 23, they found the lifeless body of the 22-year-old in the viewpoints of the Ronda del Júcar in Cuenca.

At the moment the causes of his death are unknown, but the news has had a great media impact because Kike participated in 2021 in the program of Cuatro First Dates.

Kike participated in an installment of the dating show that aired on November 8 of that year. The young man did not go unnoticed, because he caught the attention of the presenter, Carlos Sobera, when he told him upon entering the restaurant that hewas looking for a boy who was "modern, an artist and who seems to take drugs." It's that I like junkies, that I'm on a bench, you see it and you think it's going to fuck up your life. I like those," he told Sobera.

Carlos Sobera did not believe what the young man explained: "I have nothing more to say, Your Honor. I'm going for your date," he settled as he went to look for the other boy.

"I don't want a cayetano or an engineer, I want an 'antifa' that gives me lighters," Enrique said while waiting to meet his date. And he added: "My mother is going to kill me."

And it is that during his participation the young man confessed that he was the son of Rosa Pilar Sáez, councilor for the Popular Party in the City of Hellín (Albacete) and that he was sure that his words were not going to like his mother at all.

Kike also said he felt very identified with the character that Verónica Forqué had in Pedro Almodóvar's film Kika, because of her ease of falling in love. "I'm Kika quite a few times a month. I go by subway and maybe suddenly fall in love. And I go partying, I mess with one and I fall in love, and I'm in love for a week. And I've been involved with him partying and nothing else, but I fall in love!" she said.

During the week that Kike was missing, his image spread massively. There was even an appeal to find him at the Estival Cuenca, an event in which, according to La Vanguardia, a relative of his worked.

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