Qufu, Shandong, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- As one of the important activities of the Ninth Nishan World Civilization Forum, the Nishan World Confucian Culture Forum opened in Nishan, Qufu on 27 September. More than 26 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs discussed the "Hometown of Confucius", focusing on the theme of "Tradition and Future: Confucian Spirit and Chinese Modernization", and discussed the unique value and significance of Confucian spirit and culture in the new era.

Nishan World Confucian Culture Forum. Photo by Liang Ben

"The spirit of Confucianism is a business ethic rooted in Confucianism and an important part of China's excellent traditional culture." Yu Xiaoming, Chairman of the China Confucius Foundation, said in his speech that the values of cooperation and fairness and wealth generation contained in the spirit of Confucian business, the behavior creed of honesty and trustworthiness, benevolence and benevolence, and the enterprising spirit of self-improvement and innovation and change have provided long-standing spiritual strength for China's commercial civilization and commercial development for more than 2,000 years. "Today, more than 2,000 years later, the spirit of Confucianism is becoming the value pursuit and spiritual wealth of Chinese entrepreneurs, showing the feelings of the country and social responsibility of Chinese entrepreneurs in the market competition, and also becoming an important spirit for promoting Chinese-style modernization and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation."

Sun Chuanshang, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group and First Vice President of the Shandong Provincial Socialist College, delivered a speech. Photo by Liang Ben

"Shandong is an important birthplace of Confucianism and the spiritual home of Confucian merchants in the world. The Confucian concepts of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faith, which have influenced generations of businessmen and provided rich nourishment for the inheritance and development of the Confucian economy. Sun Chuanshang, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, secretary of the party group and first vice president of the Shandong Provincial Socialist College, said that the spirit of Confucianism has been passed down, crossed geographical boundaries, integrated diverse cultures, and shown strong vitality in the new era.

Nishan World Confucian Culture Forum. Photo by Liang Ben

The modern value of Confucian culture and Confucian spirit was the focus of attention of participants. In his keynote speech, An Le Zhe (USA), Chair Professor of Humanities at the Department of Philosophy of Peking University, sorted out the relationship between economics and ethics in Confucian culture and analyzed the relationship between Confucian culture and social justice. He believes that the so-called merger and legitimacy of Confucianism is concerned with the prosperity of society and the continued existence of public welfare, which is not only related to people and people, people and society, but also to people and nature.

Professor Li Pingsheng, Institute for Advanced Study of Confucianism, Shandong University. Photo by Liang Ben

According to Li Pingsheng, a professor at the Institute for Advanced Study of Confucian Studies at Shandong University, at present, Confucian business culture is also facing the challenges of creative transformation and innovative development, so Confucian businessmen should undertake new cultural missions and cultivate and carry forward entrepreneurial spirit such as patriotism, honesty and law-abiding. "In the end, we should achieve the ideal state of wealth and responsibility, wealth and beneficial, wealth and love, and through the joint efforts of all sectors of society, to build our beautiful home and common human society."

Lu Zequan, researcher of Nishan World Confucian Center (Secretariat of China Confucius Foundation), said in his academic summary that the Nishan World Confucian Culture Forum focuses on the Confucian spirit and Chinese-style modernization, and has a number of sub-topics such as Confucian business spirit and modern entrepreneurship, Confucian business ethics and economic ethics, multiculture and Confucian business civilization. It will contribute to the construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation.

It is understood that this forum is co-sponsored by Nishan World Confucian Center, China Confucius Foundation, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Shandong Chinese Culture Institute and Jining Municipal People's Government. (End)