Amid concerns that influenza infections have spread at an unprecedented time and that the new coronavirus may spread in the future, medical institutions in Chiba Prefecture are vaccinating two vaccines at the same time.

According to Chiba Prefecture, the number of influenza patients per medical institution in the week ending September 9 was 24.1, a slight increase from the previous week and a high level for this time of year.

In response to the unprecedented spread of the epidemic, a clinic in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, started vaccination against influenza about two weeks earlier than usual.

The government has stated that there is no problem with safety and efficacy even if the influenza vaccine and the new coronavirus vaccine are vaccinated at the same time, and this clinic is also conducting simultaneous vaccination with the Omicron variant vaccine that began on September 1.

The doctor explained to those who came to be vaccinated that "corona is intramuscular injection and influenza is injected subcutaneously," and then administered two vaccinations in a row.

A woman in her 15s who received the vaccination said, "I am worried because classes are being closed one after another at the school where my child attends, and I am a student taking the exam.

Dr. Katsumi Sugimoto, director of Funabashi Gyoda Clinic, said, "Both influenza and coronavirus have become quite prevalent, and it is better to build immunity as soon as possible.