On the 28th, unseasonably hot weather is expected in Tokyo and other places, and specialist doctors are calling for attention to poor physical condition called "temperature difference fatigue" due to the large temperature difference.

"Temperature difference fatigue" is when the autonomic nerves that regulate body temperature work excessively due to the large difference in temperature, and fatigue accumulates.

In the past few days, patients with "temperature difference fatigue" have been visiting a clinic that has an outpatient clinic for "temperature difference fatigue" in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, and they complain of lethargy, cold hands and feet, and gastrointestinal upset.

The clinic recommends measures
such as carrying clothes that can be worn when going out to avoid cooling the body, not directly exposing the air conditioner to the body
bathing and warming the body.

Tokyo and other areas are forecast to be unseasonably hot again on the 28th, and Dr. Kenji Kute said, "It will be a rollercoaster-like temperature change, so special attention is required from this week to next."

In addition, based on the infection situation of the new corona and influenza, when the autonomic nervous system is disturbed and the physical condition is easily tired, it becomes more likely to be susceptible to infectious diseases, and "it is important to take care of your body during the change of seasons without overdoing it."

Unseasonably severe heat, shopping streets struggle to cope

As the unseasonably intense heat continued, some clothing stores in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward shopping district were struggling to respond.

At a clothing store in Shimotakaido Shopping Street in Setagaya Ward, they changed their summer clothes for autumn and winter on the 1th, about one to two weeks later than usual.

Store manager Eiko Otani said, "Summer products were selling well even in September, so I was worried about how long I would pull them."

On the other hand, the taiyaki shop, which has been around for more than 2 years and has been lined up, is closed every summer because it gets too hot inside the store that bakes taiyaki and
▽ the
number of customers who want to buy due to the heat decreases, and it has been closed since July and resumed business on the 26th of this month.

However, this year, sales did not increase because the hot days continued even after the reopening.

Hiromi Hashimoto, an employee, said, "Even when we reopened, no customers came this year, and this is the first time in my more than 9 years of service. Finally, the autumn breeze is blowing in the evening, and we are getting busy, so I hope that sales will improve."