While the maintenance and management of aging swimming pools at public elementary and junior high schools has become an issue, we found that about half of the municipalities in Tokyo are also implementing or considering the consolidation and abolition of swimming pools.

According to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government this month, swimming pools are installed in almost all elementary and junior high schools in Tokyo's wards, towns, and villages, or about half of the 62 municipalities, or 30 municipalities, are implementing or considering consolidation due to difficulties in maintaining and managing them due to aging.

, 11 municipalities have already implemented consolidation and closure in some schools, and
19 municipalities are also considering consolidation.

According to Katsushika Ward, 21 elementary schools and 1 junior high school have suspended the use of school outdoor pools this fiscal year and are using private indoor pools.

There are concerns about heat stroke on days when the heat is severe, and it costs a lot of money to convert the indoor pool into an indoor pool, so we plan to increase the number of schools that use the private sector in the future.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the national government subsidizes one-third of the subsidies from the national government to local governments for the construction or renovation of new school swimming pools, and at the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly meeting on the 3th, the person in charge of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government replied, "We are requesting the national government to raise the subsidy rate."