During the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, the equestrian competition attracted many citizens, and it was the first time for them to have such a close contact with equestrian. Recently, a reporter from China News Agency interviewed Amanda Bond, head of equestrian affairs at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, who previously participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games torch relay and is currently assisting the local equestrian team to ensure that the venues and horses are in the best condition.

Amanda Bond, Head of Equestrian Affairs at The Hong Kong Jockey Club

We have advised on the logistical arrangements around the venue and around the site, and we have provided quite a bit of support in the treatment of the off-road track to ensure that the horses have good surface when galloping on the off-road track. We then helped to establish contacts with international stakeholders, with the International Equestrian Federation, and with the Asian Equestrian Federation. These are all things we work together to achieve. Therefore, since last November, we have assembled a team of experts from different areas of the equestrian industry. We started by coming in every month for meetings and planning, and now we've moved into the equestrian centre, so we have a pretty big team here working hand-in-hand with the local team to make sure the race runs smoothly.

As the world's top horse racing organization, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has rich experience in venue construction and maintenance, horse epidemic prevention and quarantine, equestrian operation and management, etc., and has participated in the equestrian competitions of the Beijing Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games. The Hong Kong Jockey Club covers biosecurity, horse transportation, stable management, veterinary and hoof services, venue operations and international stakeholder liaison.

Amanda Bond, Head of Equestrian Affairs at The Hong Kong Jockey Club

The special thing about equestrian sports is that horses are also "athletes". That's our area of expertise. As a result, we are able to ensure that these horses are transported safely. Just like people, when you get off a long-haul flight, you will have jet lag and there will be exhaustion. The way we transport them, we want these horses to travel first class and make sure they arrive, refreshed and ready to perform.

【Commentary】Pang Yawen has more than 30 years of experience in the equestrian industry. She specifically mentioned the role of bridging and strengthening the liaison between the Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and international organizations such as the International Equestrian Federation and the Asian Equestrian Federation.

In his view, the equestrian venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games have built world-class competition venues and hardware facilities, which is a valuable gift left by the Hangzhou Asian Games to Zhejiang, and hopes to take the Asian Games as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Zhejiang and Hong Kong in sports.

Amanda Bond, Head of Equestrian Affairs at The Hong Kong Jockey Club

I think this Asian Games provides an excellent background for cooperation (between Zhejiang and Hong Kong). We are very proud to work with the local team in Zhejiang. I think we've made it possible to work together and it's going to be a very successful race. After every big competition, we want to create a successful, long-term value. So what we want to do is see what we can do to help develop equestrian sports in Zhejiang Province so that we can continue to get the people of Zhejiang passionate about equestrian sports. Once this is established, I think it can be achieved in other sports. Therefore, there is no reason why Hong Kong and Zhejiang cannot cooperate in other sports. We very much look forward to being a part of it, both in terms of cooperation and the friendship between our two regions.

It is understood that during the equestrian competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, more than 20 athletes and more than 120 horses from nearly 130 countries and regions participated in dressage, field jumping, triathlon and other events, resulting in a total of 6 gold medals.

Reporting by Shen Yishan, Wu Liujing, Wu Junyi, Hangzhou

Responsible Editor: [Ye Pan]