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»Tagesschau« spokeswoman Daubner: »Oh, man«

Photo: Georg Wendt / dpa

Susanne Daubner is known to the Tik-Tok generation through the clips in which she reads out the nominations for the "Youth Word of the Year". Anyone familiar with these videos can hardly imagine what could upset the "Tagesschau" spokeswoman.

But on Wednesday, Susanne Daubner was haunted by a persistent fit of laughter in the middle of the morning news. Apparently triggered by a humorous transition of the "morning magazine" team Anna Planken and Sven Lorig, the 62-year-old spokeswoman did not get into the step at the first message. After the sentence "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen", she had to pause with a giggle and said "Excuse me".

Then the first attempt to read out a message about the Chemistry Summit: "Chancellor Scholz meets..." Daubner was again overwhelmed by laughter. She took a deep breath: "I'm really sorry about that now." And cackled. Sighed, "Oh, man." Then: "So, but now." New determined attempt: "Federal Chancellor Scholz is meeting today at the Federal Chancellery with representatives of the German chemical industry to discuss the future of the industry." Another laugh.

Daubner bravely: "No, I have to get it done." So further in the text: "The focus is on high energy prices. The economy and trade unions are demanding relief." The rest was routine. When »moma« presenter Lorig asked after the news whether he was to blame for the laughter flash, Daubner only said laconically: »Yes.« Her fit of laughter received a unanimously positive response on social media. A number of Facebook users wrote that they had to laugh along spontaneously.