In an effort to support child-rearing households, Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, will distribute school bags to children entering elementary schools in the city next fiscal year.

Kasama City will distribute randoseru to more than 500 students who will enroll in elementary schools, compulsory education schools, and special needs schools in the city next fiscal year.

In order not only to reduce the economic burden on child-rearing households, but also to raise children's awareness of the environment, Randoseru was made by recycling PET bottles collected from businesses in the city.

It weighs 870 grams, which is lighter than the leather one, and from a gender-free point of view, the color is unified in one dark blue color.

Randoseru will be distributed at a future parent information session, and it can be used to use the ones purchased by each household.

A mother in her 1s who came to see the randoseru on display at City Hall said, "I'm grateful that they are distributed for free.

Yuko Kawanobe, chief examiner of the Academic Affairs Division of the Kasama City Board of Education, said, "At the time of enrollment, there are various expenses such as athletic shoes and gym clothes, not limited to school bags, so we would like to reduce the burden as much as possible, and we would like to continue this from next academic year onward."