On September 9, the joint working group of Datong City, Shanxi Province issued a notice that recently, a bullying incident of minors occurred in Dacheng Bilingual School in Datong City, which aroused public concern. Datong City quickly formed a joint working group with the participation of education, public security, procuratorate, judicial administration and other departments to carry out the investigation and related work, and hereby reports the relevant information as follows.

After investigation, Zhao Moumou (male, 9 years old) and Jin Moumou (male, 9 years old), primary school students of Dacheng Bilingual School in Datong City, repeatedly committed serious bad behaviors such as verbal abuse, beating, bullying and other serious bad behaviors against their dormitory classmate Sun Moumou (male, 10 years old). Because Zhao and Jin were both minors, the public security organs reprimanded Zhao and Jin in accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency and ordered them to receive psychological counseling and behavior correction; In accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Family Education, the guardians of Zhao and Jin were reprimanded and ordered to accept family education guidance.

After investigation, Dacheng Bilingual School was seriously derelict in its duties and responsibilities in management, causing a bad social impact, and the education administrative department ordered Dacheng Bilingual School to immediately rectify and rectify within a time limit in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Private Education, the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Promotion of Private Education, and other laws and regulations. Xu was dismissed from his position as principal, and Pei Moumou, vice principal and director of the primary school, Bai Moumou, vice principal in charge of safety work, Xin Moumou, the head teacher of the class involved, and Hou, the life teacher, were dismissed. At the same time, the education administration made a decision to reduce the enrollment of Dentons Bilingual School in the new school year.

The joint working group ordered Zhao, Jin and their guardians to sincerely apologize to Sun and their guardians, and at the same time organized forces to carry out care, comfort, psychological counseling and other work for students and parents. During the school rectification period, the education administrative department will supervise the whole process of the school. The education system of Datong City and all relevant units will deeply learn the lessons of this incident, carry out special rectification actions in the city, continue to strengthen school management, create a good environment for the healthy growth of minors, and seriously pursue responsibility and accountability for relevant units and personnel who are found to have dereliction of duty.

(CCTV News Client He Weitong Song Zhenxing)