In conjunction with the national traffic safety campaign in autumn, a police officer was struck by a waterfall at a temple in Kamiichi Town, Toyama Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Tateyama, and prayed for traffic safety.

Oiwayama Nisekiji Temple in Kamiichi Town is a sacred place of "Shugendo" where rigorous training is performed in the mountains, and is known for the "waterfall line" where you cleanse yourself by being struck by a waterfall.

On the 26th, six police officers, including a police officer from the Regional Traffic Division of the Kamiichi Police Station, went to the waterfall.

After the chief priest chanted the sutra, the six people dressed in white entered the six-meter-high waterfall called "Roppon Falls" and put their hands together for about one minute to pray for traffic safety.

Since it became compulsory to wear a helmet for bicycles from April this year, some police officers were hit by a waterfall wearing a helmet.

In addition, ventriloquist dolls used in traffic safety classes also participated in the waterfall procession.

When Chief Constable Yoko Nakabayashi of the Regional Traffic Division of the Kamiichi Police Station said, "I feel cold and tight, I would like to put more effort into traffic safety awareness activities," Tome, a ventriloquist doll, urged, "Let's check safety and prevent traffic accidents."

Mr. Masayoshi Ko*Zui, Director of the Regional Transportation Division, said, "I felt that helmets are effective against the impact of waterfalls, and I hope that the citizens of the prefecture will also try to wear helmets."

* "Zui" is a "thread" on both sides of the "white" of the medicine