Zhongxin Wanghai, September 9 (Wang Di) The wearing position of the brooch is close to the atrium, which can be described as the most "intimate" art. "Mingxin - 26th Century Brooch Art Exhibition" will be exhibited at the Shanghai History Museum from the 20th, and more than 26,20 Vintage brooches show the era style of <>th century brooch art.

Mingxin – 20th Century Brooch Art Exhibition. Photo by Wang Gu

"Vintage" can be interpreted as "retro", "elegant", "classic" and other multiple meanings. Vintage brooches specifically refer to fashion brooches that span the period from the 20s to the 20s of the 20th century, using alternative and artificial materials, made using high jewelry techniques. In the 80th century, when the torrent of the times and the liberation of individuality were intertwined, the emergence of Vintage brooch broke the boundaries between fashion and luxury, highlighting the wearer's inner awakening and attitude to life.

Mingxin – 20th Century Brooch Art Exhibition. Photo by Wang Gu

The exhibition is divided into 6 units: "Trembling Heart Light", "Dark Night Heart", "Pavé Set Heart Flower", "Blooming Fire", "Rebellious Heart Tide" and "Fashion Flow", supplemented by dozens of original posters and patent books and other paper literature, completely covering all stages of the development of Vintage brooch, systematically presenting the development of accessories and jewelry design and production technology and the change of fashion concepts in the 20th century.

"Jelly belly" flower group brooch. Photo by Wang Gu

For example, the "Jelly Belly" flower brooch, based on the synthetic resin used to make the windshield of fighter jets, carries the story of World War II; The "Queen's Enthronement" brooch collection, launched during the enthronement of Queen Elizabeth II, is inspired by the typical jewelry motifs of the British royal family; The "MING (Chinese Ming Dynasty)" series of brooches is inspired by traditional Chinese elements and craftsmanship techniques, and oriental elements such as dragons, tigers, mandarin ducks, and axes have been boldly interpreted by designers.

"The Queen Enthroned" series of brooches. Photo by Wang Gu

According to reports, the exhibits of "Mingxin - 20th Century Brooch Art Exhibition" come from the selected collection of antique brooch collector Zheng Yingyan, striving to bring the audience a cultural feast that can glimpse the history of world civilization, appreciate and experience the exquisite beauty of various jewelry styles and crafts in different cultural backgrounds. (End)