International companies are racing to manufacture cars with exceptional advantages in an attempt to convince those who want to buy them, because they are "environmentally friendly", similar to the "Hyperion XP One", so what is its story?

This car runs on hydrogen, travels 1600 kilometers on a single charge, travels at 356 kilometers per hour, and has a carbon and titanium body.

Not only are these advantages; it also has 2000,100 horsepower, while accelerating from zero to 2 kilometers per hour in 2.<> seconds at the rate of hydrogen combustion.

With these revolutionary features, the car is not without inconveniences for those wishing to buy it, such as: the need to return to the factory to fill it again after covering 1600 kilometers, and its price may be beyond the ability of dreamers, as its price ranges between two million and 3 million dollars.

These topics, which are related to the introduction of new types of cars and electronic devices, attract a wide range of young people and social media users, where interaction is widely to leave impressions and opinions about them.

In this context, the "Shabakat" program reviewed in its episode on (26/9/2023) a sample of interaction about the "environmentally friendly" car, where some followers praised its great capabilities, while others bemoaned its high price.

Activist Karim threw the ball into the court of wealthy conservationists, and said clearly, "I mean, only the rich should protect the environment, because they are the only ones who can afford this car, and the poor pollute as you wish."

As for Maram, who seemed stunned, she described it as "the car of the future, a sensual (I felt that) from a fictional film, a lot of sweet shape and a lot of advanced technology, imagining after hundreds of years we reached and become a regular car."

For his part, Lafi touched on the rapid technical development, and said, "This car represents the ability of the human mind to invent permanently, meaning no matter what we say: we have advanced, there is still room for a lot."

In turn, Simsim seemed very upset with the huge price required to buy this car and demanded a reduction in its price, and said in this context, "Their slogan should be: sell your kidney and drive our car. We understood that they are sophisticated and everything but their purpose?, not that they compete with ordinary cars? Ok, they dropped the price."

Abdullah predicted a bright future for this type of car, and pointed out that "these hydrogen cars are becoming more widespread, due to the dedication of inventors and their race to create an environmentally friendly car, based on renewable energy, and this serves the benefit of humanity."

The car is a prototype, and the company is preparing to build another 300 cars, which means few people will have the opportunity to acquire it in the next few years.