Beijing, September 9 -- According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, in August, the monthly average concentration of fine particulate matter (PM26.26) in Beijing was 8 micrograms / cubic meter; From January to August, the cumulative average concentration of PM2.5 was 23 micrograms per cubic meter, down 1.8% from the same period in 2, the second best in the same period of the previous year.

According to reports, at present, the measures of Beijing's air pollution prevention and control action plan are steadily advancing, and in terms of energy cleaning, the replacement of clean energy for surplus loose coal in rural areas has been promoted, 1,34 clean heating equipment have been installed, and the transformation of distribution networks and the installation and commissioning of equipment are advancing simultaneously. Promote the clean transformation of 19 oil-fired boilers; Organize and promote the deep low nitrogen transformation of gas boilers, and Shunyi, Shijingshan, Economic Development Zone, etc. have completed or applied 275 tons of steam.

In terms of motor vehicle supervision, a total of 68,<> new energy vehicles have been promoted. Accelerate the promotion and application of new energy vehicles; Accelerate the formulation of incentive policies for the elimination of diesel trucks operated by China IV and the electrification of light-type trucks.

In terms of law enforcement and supervision, the "Implementation Plan for Joint Double Random Inspection of Beijing Architectural Coatings and Adhesive Production and Operation Enterprises" was issued to carry out differentiated sampling inspections of production and sales enterprises. Launched a special law enforcement operation of "black gas stations and illegal mobile fuel trucks", cracked 42 criminal cases, criminally detained 62 people, and seized 61 modified mobile fuel trucks and 2 fuel tanks, forming a powerful deterrent.

In terms of volatile organic compound control, we will strengthen volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to tackle tough problems and control pollution, and solidly carry out eight special actions. Taking the Chaoyang District Laiguangying auto repair cluster as a pilot, the urban area linkage actively explored the high-value and fine governance mechanism of VOCs in the auto repair cluster, and achieved phased results, and the number of high-value VOCs points found in each voyage monitoring decreased from the original average of 3 to 1 each time, and the peak concentration decreased by more than 80%.

According to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, in the next step, Beijing will continue to deepen the "one microgram" action, continue to carry out the special action of 100 days of dust control, the special action of VOCs emission reduction, accelerate the clean energy transformation, ensure warm and clean winter while improving air quality and ensuring the health of citizens, and cooperate with neighboring provinces and cities to formulate comprehensive control plans for autumn and winter air pollution, etc., and continue to promote air quality improvement. (End)