Yancheng, September 9 (Xu Shanshan) On the 26th, the 25 Global Coastal Forum Conference Symposium "Scientific Management of Alterniflora Rice Grass" was held in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Experts and scholars in the field of scientific governance of alterniflora gathered together to discuss the governance path of "respecting nature, scientific governance, adapting measures to local conditions, and advancing in an orderly manner", inspiring each other and seeking coastal ecological protection and high-quality development.

The treatment of alterniflora is an important project in China's ecological civilization construction, which is of great significance to the formation of a green and low-carbon ecological industrial chain. "The convening of this symposium provides a good recipe for the scientific management of alterniflora in coastal areas of China." Lu Yanqing, vice president of Nanjing University, said.

Professor of the School of Life Sciences of Nanjing University admired the proposal at the seminar that the scientific management of alterniflora should be normalized, socialized and industrialized.

At the event site, the "Interflora Rice Grass Scientific Management Industry-University-Research Alliance" was unveiled. The alliance aims to build a think tank for scholars in the scientific governance of alterniflora by bringing together cutting-edge scholar resources in the field of scientific governance of alterniflora, provide a high-end open platform for theoretical research and innovation, cutting-edge academic exchanges and discussions, serve the scientific governance methods of alterniflora with intelligence, and promote the scientific governance path of alterniflora with scientific research.

The seminar included two keynote speeches, focusing on "Comprehensive Evaluation of Energy Value and Economy of Ecological Engineering System of Alterniflora alterniflora", "Research on Population Dynamics and Regional Governance Model of Alterniflora alterniflora in China", "Analysis of Carbon Sequestration Effect and Main Change Trend of Invasion of A. alterniflora", "Development of Melachlorin Compounds and Study on Urate-lowering Activity", "Practice Case of Resource Utilization of Alternateniflora", etc.

The symposium on scientific governance of alterniflora was hosted by the School of Life Sciences of Nanjing University and the Management Committee of Jiangsu Yancheng Environmental Protection Science and Technology City, and organized by the Young Scholars College of Nanjing University and Jiangsu Shibeitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (End)