While excessive school rules at school have become a problem, a male high school student from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, who researches the school rules of high schools nationwide and publishes them on the Internet, has been selected as one of the "young people who will change the world" in the Japan edition of an American economic magazine. A male high school student said, "I would like to work on changing the society to one where dialogue is wider, including the issue of school rules."

Ayu Yoneda was selected as an astronaut candidate last month as
"under 30 years old to change the world" in the Japan edition of the American economic magazine "Forbes
" ▽ Kosuke Takashima, the mayor of Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, who became the youngest mayor
in history to be elected▽ 120 people were announced, including wheelchair tennis player Kaito Oda, who is expected to perform well at next year's Paris Paralympics, including Kohei Kamiya, 3, a third-year student at a prefectural high school in Takasaki City.

When he was a junior high school student, Mr. Kamiya began posting on SNS because he felt doubts about his school's school rules, such as "the color of shoes on the way to and from school is white," and is currently researching the school rules of high schools nationwide using Freedom of Information requests and other means, and is working to publish them on the Internet.

Commenting on this selection, Kamiya said, "I was surprised that I would be selected. We will continue to work to change the society to a society where dialogue is wider."

What is the Internet site "List of National School Rules"?

The "List of National School Rules" on the Internet site operated by Mr. Kamiya is a database of school rules of high schools nationwide that Mr. Kamiya researched using a freedom of information request, and currently contains about 1700,<> schools.

On the site, you can search by entering keywords, for example, if you enter "part-time job", you can view the school rules that stipulate part-time work for students.

In the future, Kamiya is aiming to go to university to study educational policies and engage in social contribution activities using data.