The Houthi group's confiscation of Yemeni flags during celebrations marking the anniversary of the establishment of the republic after the overthrow of the monarchy on September 26, 1962, sparked widespread interaction on social media platforms between condemnation and justification.

On (26/9/2023), the "Shabakat" program broadcast a video clip showing Yemeni citizens taking to the streets of Sana'a to celebrate national holidays, as the Houthis set up security barriers to remove national flags from cars without taking into account the feelings of the celebrants.

While the head of Yemen's Saba news agency, Nasreddin Amer, denied that the people who appeared in the video were affiliated with the security services, activists circulated other clips showing armed individuals in military uniforms removing flags from cars.

According to Yemeni media, the Houthi group intercepted cars carrying national flags and forced citizens to lower them at gunpoint, and dispersed revelers in the city of Ibb by shooting.

The Yemeni website al-Mashhad quoted sources as saying that the Houthis had previously issued directives to prevent the removal of any national flags, in addition to preventing printing and sewing shops from producing national flags.

Wide interaction

Because the occasion is dear to the hearts of Yemenis, the interaction was large and record, with a significant sector condemning the Houthi measures on the ground, while some considered what happened to be part of riots and breaches of public security.

Anis al-Shrek hinted that the Houthis will obscure what happened by prosecuting photographers for the videos that were published while ignoring those who confiscated the flags, saying, "You will arrest the photographer, but those who did this are well-known crews and soldiers."

Ammar al-Sharabi rejected what is being promoted and circulated to kill the truth, pointing out that "in Ibb there were prosecutions... In Sana'A insulting the flag of the Republic of Yemen Justifications and fallacies don't work."

Walid Abdul Malik took a different turn to comment on what happened, and considered what happened in Ibb governorate to be "riots and blocking the road. Whoever tries to disturb public tranquility will take the necessary measures in accordance with law and order."

In an attempt to showcase what the Houthis are doing on the ground and the fighting that has been going on in Yemen for years, al-Ashtar said that "true patriotism is not in raising flags, but patriotism in defending the soil of this country."

But Hakim al-Saadi had a different opinion, demanding that there be "a big celebration in the seventy (square) with a military and civilian parade if there is a sincere patriotism."

It is noteworthy that the celebrations of the "September anniversary" in the areas controlled by the legitimate government led by Maeen Abdul Malik, specifically in the governorates of Taiz and Marib, were different, as Yemeni flags were raised high and the flame of the revolution was lit with fireworks fired heavily amid great joys.