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Stacked rolls: To bring to school yourself in the future (symbolic image)

Photo: Stefan Sauer/ picture alliance / dpa

At a comprehensive school in Halle an der Saale, pupils are now to bring their own toilet paper due to ongoing vandalism. In a letter, the headmaster informed the parents about the measure.

Currently, toilet paper rolls are stuffed into the toilet bowls every day, the letter said. This not only leads to material damage, but also to considerable hygienic problems and inconvenience for the students. It is therefore recommended to bring your own toilet paper. Alternatively, toilet paper is also available at the school's secretary's office.

The problem has existed for a long time, the headmaster told the dpa news agency. It is very unfortunate that such an action puts the school in the headlines – the teachers and many students are extremely committed and there are many positive actions, he said.

"That's a certain helplessness now," they said. He hoped that the discussions that the teachers were now having with the student body would improve the situation and that the measure could be ended again during the holidays in mid-October.

In recent years, schools in Germany have repeatedly resorted to drastic measures in similar cases.