【Commentary】On the morning of September 9, the Wuhan Optics Valley Air Rail Tourist Line was officially opened to welcome passengers, which is also the first air rail line opened and operated in China.

【Contemporaneous】Passenger Liang Ying

Because this is also one of the more influential buildings in Wuhan, it is also a landmark, and this is also a new form of transportation, (so) I want to feel it.

【Explanation】Empty rail, that is, suspended monorail, is a new type of urban rail transit system with low and medium capacity, ecological environmental protection, green and low-carbon. Different from the traditional mode of transportation, the body of the empty rail train is suspended under the track beam to "fly" in the air, which has the advantages of not occupying the right of way on the ground, strong environmental adaptability, good landscape effect, etc., and has both commuting and sightseeing functions.

【During the same period】Qian Kang, head of the Optics Valley air rail project of China Railway Eleventh Bureau Group

During the construction process, we used this infrared 3D scanning modeling technology to guide our entire precise positioning. The effect of our entire six stations perfectly realizes our design concept.

【Commentary】On the day of operation, many citizens and tourists came to "taste" the experience. The large opening glass windows on both sides of the carriage and the transparent viewing windows set in some areas of the floor give people a sci-fi sense of "people swimming in the air, and the scenery moving outside the window".

【Contemporaneous】Passenger Wang Ling

Now I'm in a good mood, my little kids and granddaughters are so happy, I mainly play with her, I want to see this (empty track) myself, (feeling) pretty good.

【During the same period】Wuhan Optics Valley Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. High-tech Avenue Station duty station manager Jiang Li

Passengers taking this tourist route will pass through Jiufeng Mountain Station to see the Jiufeng Mountain Forest Zoo, and then pass through Gaoxin Avenue Station to see this Leopard Creek Park and the ecological corridor. Finally, arrive at our Longquan Mountain Station, there will be Longquan Mountain Scenic Area.

【During the same period】Wuhan Optics Valley Air Rail Tourist Line is located in the central city area of Optics Valley, and the first phase of the project line opened and operated on the same day has a total length of 10.5 kilometers and 6 stations. The empty rail train adopts fully automatic unmanned mode operation, the maximum speed is 60 kilometers per hour, and the initial use of 2 cars can accommodate more than 220 people, and at the same time, it can be flexibly grouped between 2-3 cars to adapt to different passenger flow transportation needs.

【During the same period】Wuhan Optics Valley Transportation Construction Co., Ltd. High-tech Avenue Station duty station manager Jiang Li

At present, the opening of our line indicates that our Optics Valley area has added a new city business card for tourist traffic.

Reporting by Wu Taotao and Lu Qi, Hubei Wuhan

Responsible Editor: [Ye Pan]