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Police vehicle in action (symbolic image)

Photo: Carsten Rehder / dpa

A 30-year-old driver from France has delivered a chase with the police in Saarland. A patrol car of the Federal Police wanted to control the man on Monday evening near the border, as he fled at high speed on the Autobahn 8 in the direction of Saarbrücken, as the police announced on Tuesday night.

After the driver had run over several warning beacons at a construction site and damaged a tire, he drove on a road in the direction of downtown Saarlouis. Since he was reportedly traveling against the direction of travel, several motorists had to avoid the fleeing car to prevent a collision.

Collision on the sidewalk

When another patrol car finally approached him, the man swerved the car onto the sidewalk. The police car also drove onto the sidewalk and the vehicles collided head-on.

Two officers were injured, according to police, one of them was taken to hospital. According to the information, the driver and his passenger were provisionally arrested, but the passenger was released shortly afterwards.

In the trunk, the officers found a substance that could be a narcotic, it was said. The police are looking for witnesses to the trip. According to the information, the public prosecutor's office will decide on Tuesday whether to file an application for arrest against the 30-year-old.