Adam Britton (2011): the crocodile expert confessed in court to cruel animal cruelty against dogs


Crocodile expert Adam Britton has pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in a trial in Darwin, Australia. It was about sexual abuse, torture and killing of dogs, as reported by Sky News, among others. In addition, the 51-year-old zoologist confessed to the possession and disclosure of abuse footage of minors.

According to the Guardian, before reading the indictment, the judge asked spectators, security personnel and the media to leave the courtroom, saying it was "grotesque and perverse atrocities" that were shocking.

Britton's actions are said to have led to the deaths of 39 dogs. "The perpetrator had a sadistic sexual interest in animals and especially dogs," the prosecutor said. Not only did he have his own dogs, but he also got animals through the Gumtree platform – a classifieds portal. "He often built up a relationship with the dog owners and negotiated with them about taking over their animals," many would have given up their pets, for example, because of official obligations, but were reluctant to do so.

Gruesome footage published online

The investigators finally tracked down Britton because he had published footage of dog abuse in online forums under pseudonyms. According to the Guardian, one of these videos was leaked to an animal welfare organization, which forwarded it to the police. Britton was arrested in April 2022 and has been in custody ever since.

Britton was born in the UK and holds a PhD in zoology from the University of Bristol. He later moved to Australia and lived in the Northern Territory. He became known for his appearances on the BBC, among others. He was also a leading researcher at Australia's Charles Darwin University. He made a name for himself especially as a crocodile specialist. None of his deeds are said to have been directed against the reptiles.