■ Viewpoint

Recently, the news that "parents spent 50,<> yuan to reconstruct the meridians of their autistic son" has been on the hot search.

According to Shangguan News, Mr. Wang, a citizen of Changshu, called the news hotline for help, saying that he may have encountered a scam. Mr. Wang revealed that two years ago, his 3-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. In the first half of this year, Mr. Wang was introduced into a group chat. Since then, Mr. Wang has spent a total of more than 50,<> yuan to implement "meridian reconstruction" treatment for his son, almost draining the family's savings, but it has no effect and falls into the dilemma of refund.

From the process of Mr. Wang's search for his son's "meridian reconstruction" treatment, it can be seen that he has completely fallen into the fraud trap elaborated by an institution called "Qiawei".

First, acquaintances were introduced to the group, and then Mr. Wang was attracted to participate through the treatment effect; First use public welfare treatment to fight consumption concerns, and then use "public welfare treatment to queue up, anxious can go to business" and other statements step by step, during which the slightest doubt will be kicked out of the group, and the group chat will be disbanded shortly after payment... All kinds of practices are full of routines.

As for the treatment method of "meridian reconstruction", I am afraid that even Chinese medicine acupuncturists can't believe that it will have the miraculous effect of its propaganda. Meridian theory is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine theory, meridians can be opened, but the theory of reconstruction is too exaggerated, and the use of "meridian reconstruction" for the treatment of autism is even more a "layman" of rigid and imaginary.

Moreover, the industrial and commercial information of the "Shanghai Qiawei Health Medical Research Co., Ltd." involved shows that it is a health consulting service institution and does not have diagnosis and treatment qualifications, coupled with overlord clauses such as "Party A signs this agreement to recognize Party B's technical services", which makes the fraudulent nature of this treatment clear.

In fact, this kind of deception is not clever, but why are Mr. Wang and others easily deceived? This is because many diseases are extremely difficult to treat, and anxiety about diseases can easily make people rush to the doctor, and sometimes even know that there may be fraud, and they are willing to take risks. This is an important reason why medical scammers focus on intractable diseases.

This kind of swagger under the guise of traditional Chinese medicine not only defrauds patients of life-saving money, but also delays disease treatment. Similar incidents warn that due to the phenomenon of "confusion of the parties", when the patient's family makes a major diagnosis and treatment decision, it is best to go to a regular hospital and ask a professional doctor to check and judge.

□ Tang Chuanyan (doctor) (Source: Beijing News)