At a zoo in Higashimatsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture, a baby "Pudu", which is said to be the smallest deer in the world, has been unveiled and is showing a cute appearance.

The small deer "Pudu" living in South America bred at the Saitama Children's Animal Nature Park in Higashimatsuyama City is said to be "the smallest deer in the world" with a body length of about 80 cm even when it grows.

The zoo has been exhibiting female Pudu babies born in July since late August.

This baby was named "Matsuba" by the guests after the flower of July 7, his birthday, Matsubagiku, and he actively ate the leaves of the middle tree that his mother watched over.

Immediately after birth, he weighed 8 grams, but after more than two months, he has exceeded 7 kilograms and is growing well.

The zoo now has seven poo-dures.

A first-grade elementary school girl from Gunma Prefecture said, "I thought I could live even if I was so small, and she was so cute."

Shizue Suga, a zookeeper, said, "You can see the white pattern on the back that can only be seen on babies until the end of summer, so I hope many people will come to see it."