In general, of course, it is striking that every time in the West there was another zig, as just now in the Parliament of Canada, our politicians and sometimes even journalists reacted with genuine indignation: "Oh, how so! How dare they! This is Nazism!"

It would be nice if there were no marches of SS veterans in the Baltic States (which did not prevent us from conducting active trade with the Baltic States). Okay, there would be no Bronze Soldier. Well, there would be no history textbooks in Europe or multiple works and political statements that the USSR and the Third Reich are equally guilty of war.

No, all this happened, all this happened before our eyes.

The entire history of Ukraine since 1991 is one continuous rehabilitation of Nazism, more precisely, Bandera's integral nationalism. And the eight years of war in Donbass under the slogan "Glory to Ukraine" and with the full approval of Europe is not the rehabilitation of Nazism?

And every time we make round eyes from scratch and are indignant.

They greeted the Nazi in parliament with applause. Yes, they raised Hitler and the Third Reich. Without the money of Western corporations, no Hitler would ever have come to power. Without the same money, the Third Reich would never have gained economic power. Why didn't the Allies bomb Opel factories even in 1945? Because it was the property of General Motors. Watch the footage of the Olympics in Berlin. All the teams go and zig. The French are especially sincere.

Hitler wasn't considered a bad guy at all. Well, think about it, eugenics, think about it, racial theory. So he adopted everything from the United States, where blacks were forcibly sterilized, and marriages between whites and colored people were prohibited.

Wernher von Braun is the father of the U.S. lunar program. Actually, SS Sturmbannführer. And there are thousands of such examples of the integration of SS officers, including sadistic doctors, into Western society.

It is high time for us to stop perceiving our relations with the West during the Second World War as a history of friendship and alliance.

Soviet Russia had no allies. This must be recognized once and for all. The West created the Reich to destroy Russia. Who knew that Hitler would be too obstinate and at the same time attack England and France.

The USSR had tactical partners, not allies. And Stalin understood this well and did not trust either the British or the Americans. But we do not understand and are surprised. Yes, they applauded the Nazi, Bandera. How could it be otherwise? He's his own. Not some kind of Rusnya. They don't think they should thank the Russians for the victory over Nazism. But why, if the Reich is a business project that did not work out just because of the Russians.

Can we somehow grow up and look at the world without pink snot? Can you finally understand that in the Western coordinate system, all the processes around Russia since 1991 are the rehabilitation of Nazism and revenge for 1945?

As soon as we understand, we will begin to win.

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