Ukrainian Army Southern Operations Command spokeswoman Natalia Humenyuk said any military equipment or weapons we receive "constitute real and influential support on the battlefield, as well as help destroy the enemy and its lines."

This came during Humnyuk speaking to Al Jazeera – in the harvest bulletin on (2023/9/25) – commenting on the arrival of the first batch of American "Abrams" tanks to their country.

The Ukrainian army's receipt of military equipment comes "at an appropriate time as long as the enemy is present," she said, noting that it contributes to the liberation of occupied Ukrainian territory.

In response to a question about whether the American tanks will provide a qualitative addition, unlike the performance of the German Leopard tanks and the British Challenger according to the aspirations that were pinned on them, she stressed the importance of any military support, but with regard to expectations, she indicated that it depends on the military leadership and the battlefield.

She pointed out that all the tanks obtained by Ukraine are used for appropriate missions and contribute to the destruction of the enemy, noting that her country is dealing with "an army that is larger in number and equipment," but said that the Ukrainian will is much greater.

Continuous attacks

Regarding her country's continuous attacks on Crimea, the Ukrainian army spokeswoman said that it was warned that all the enemy's equipment and ammunition would be destroyed, as well as its assembly centers, "so we carry out attacks on legitimate targets to liberate all our territory."

As for the conduct of operations on the ground, she explained that the Ukrainian army is advancing slowly, because "the enemy has strong lines of defense in stages, and we must skip all these distances while keeping our soldiers."

Humnyuk stressed the importance of military equipment to defend infantrymen, reiterating her country's demands for long-range weapons "that would allow it to destroy the enemy over long distances in order to advance."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has revealed that his country received the first batch of American "Abrams" tanks.

In turn, the New York Times quoted US officials as saying that Washington delivered last Saturday the first batch of these tanks to Ukraine, and more of them will be sent in the coming months.