In the Media report, a person in power in the literature industry talked about an unpublished review of him, and how it negatively affected his reputation and professional life. The program was called "They've Ruined My Life," and was about whether an unpublished review can cause serious publicity damage.

The feature provoked fierce criticism from Uppdrag granskning's publisher Axel Björklund, who said that he had not been allowed to respond to serious accusations of ruining someone's life. In connection with this, he reported the program to the Review Board.

Did not require a rebuttal

The media are now acquitted by the Review Board, which believes that the literary profile's criticism of UG did not require further response, beyond the space that Björklund was given in the program.

Uppdrag granskning's planned program about the literature profile was talked about in advance in literary circles and should have been broadcast before the summer.

But the program was put on hold after UG felt it could not "offer adequate protection for all participants in the review".