Suzhou, September 9 (Zhong Sheng, Ma Xiaojun) From September 25 to 9, the fifth Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Expo was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, attracting nearly 21 cities in China and 24 countries and regions overseas. A total of nearly 90,30 people walked into the six theme exhibitions of the Expo, exploring the "luck" of the Millennium Grand Canal.

China's Grand Canal is the world's longest and largest man-made channel. For thousands of years, people from the south and north have brought different products, customs, diets, etc. along the river, precipitated, integrated and innovated along the canal, forming rich historical and cultural resources along the canal.

Kunqu opera, tin opera, Yue opera, Hebei Bangzi and other operas along the canal appeared one by one at the Expo. Photo by Zhong Sheng

At the opening ceremony, Kunqu opera, tin opera, Yue opera, Hebei Bangzi and other operas along the canal appeared one by one. "Who's jade flute is flying darkly, scattered into the spring breeze full of Luocheng" "Spring breeze ten miles Yangzhou Road, it is better to roll up the bead curtain" "Jun to Gusu to see, people all pillow the river"... Accompanied by melodious music, famous Tang poems describing cities along the Grand Canal have been recited through local dialects for thousands of years.

In the intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, more than 8,120 works from 1000 representative intangible cultural heritage items from eight provinces (cities) along the Grand Canal were unveiled. Luoyang's Tang Sancai porcelain dolls, Tianjin's paper-cutting, Hangzhou's refreshments, etc. are dizzying. With the help of modern technology, visitors can also take the Grand Canal to stir-fry and brew Chinese tea in a virtual space. "Dream" in the context of the canal.

The Grand Canal at night has a special feeling. Photo by Zhong Sheng

As the provinces and cities along the river continue to increase the protection and utilization of historical and cultural sites along the canal, "traveling the big luck" has become a new fashion for people's tourism. This year's Expo highlights the creation of leisure consumption scenarios, fully demonstrates the application experience of cultural tourism empowered by digital intelligence technology, and further stimulates the consumption potential of cultural tourism in the Grand Canal through activities such as the Rural Camping Life Festival and the Canal RV Music Festival, combined with the camping and music festival culture loved by young people today.

The Grand Canal not only connects north and south, but also connects east and west. In order to increase the international expression of the Expo, this year's "Encounter between Silk Road and Canal" theme exhibition has been further upgraded and upgraded. Focusing on cultural and tourism resource display, tourism route promotion, cultural and artistic exchanges, etc., more than 30 kinds of local tourism routes, cultural and artistic works, handicrafts, food, cultural and creative peripherals and other products were displayed on site in 580 overseas countries and regions.

This Expo brought together the essence of cultural tourism resources along the Grand Canal in Suzhou. Photo by Zhong Sheng

The combination of online and offline makes the Expo realize "the end of the world". According to incomplete statistics, the online exhibition has provided online consultation, communication, appointment, matching, trading and other services for more than 720 exhibitors and 160 buyers, and since the iterative launch of the mini program, the number of buyer-seller negotiation appointments has exceeded 31000,17800, and the number of successful matching negotiations has exceeded 57,6, with a matching success rate of more than 5100%. The cumulative number of visits to the online Expo page exceeded <> million, and the intended transaction volume reached <> million yuan. (End)