Tianjin, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) (Wang Zaiyu) Early autumn night, the coast of the Haihe River. The classic Russian ballet "Swan Lake", performed by the Moscow State Ballet of Russia, was staged at the Grand Theater of Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theatre on the evening of the 25th.

This performance is co-sponsored by Tianjin North Foreign Performing Arts Exchange Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Qinglang Culture Media Co., Ltd.

According to reports, the Russian classic ballet "Swan Lake" conveys the common aesthetics of all mankind - good wins evil, love is supreme, it is known as the originator of the beginning of classical ballet, and it is also the reserved repertoire of all classical ballet companies; At the same time, the play is also the first ballet to be introduced into China, and it is very popular among the people.

The play has been born for more than 100 years and is still performed for a long time. In the eyes of the industry, this dance drama is the culmination of the Russian ballet school, representing the pinnacle of classical ballet and defining ballet aesthetics to a certain extent.

The picture shows the performance scene. Wang Zaiyu

"Swan Lake" is one of the most demanding works of the ballet and is known as the "alchemy stone" of dancers. It is not only technically challenging in choreography but also requires the strength and endurance of the individual actor. The swan girl in the dance drama fully integrates emotions, emotions and thoughts into the interpretation process of the dance through character performance. The actors showed the effeminate and flowing posture of the swan girl through solo, pas de deux and group dances, showing it to the fullest. Combined with Tchaikovsky's dance theater music, it brings both visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience.

In order to cultivate the concept of friendship from generation to generation, inherit the friendship between China and Russia. In this performance, in addition to the wonderful performances performed by the Moscow State Ballet for the audience, the "Haihe Little Swans" from Tianjin used dance art as a bridge to represent the hospitable Tianjin citizens and express their deep greetings to the guests from afar. In addition to exchanging dance art on the same stage, the children also went backstage to visit classes and interact with the wonderful ballet culture.

The picture shows the performance scene. Wang Zaiyu

While communicating, the children prepared beautiful small gifts with Chinese characteristics for the Russian cast members to enhance the friendship between the two sides. In addition, the troupe will teach master classes to each "Haihe River Swan" who learns ballet before the performance, further enhancing professional cognition and allowing every child to experience the pure experience of Russian ballet teaching. (End)