, Xinjiang Aral, September 9 (Reporter Qi Yaping) The 24 Farmers' Harvest Festival and Food Processing Industry Promotion Conference in Aral, the First Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, was held in Tanan Town, 2023th Regiment of Aral City, First Division on the 23rd.

On the 23rd, the 2023 Farmers' Harvest Festival and Food Processing Industry Promotion Conference in Aral, the First Division of the Xinjiang Corps was held. Photo courtesy of the Media Center of the First Division of the Xinjiang Corps

At the event site, the booths of various characteristic agricultural products were very lively, red dates and fragrant pears, rice pumpkins, lobsters, fish and crabs, large agricultural machinery, etc. have "appeared", and the workers gathered here to taste food and celebrate a bumper harvest, fully displaying the new achievements of the first division of Aral City in strengthening agriculture through science and technology, new achievements in industrial development, and new features of rural revitalization. At the food processing industry promotion meeting, the first division of Aral City and related regiment towns carried out on-site promotion of resource endowments and advantageous industries, and 20 food intensive processing industries and agricultural industrialization projects were signed.

20 projects were signed centrally. Photo courtesy of the Media Center of the First Division of the Xinjiang Corps

Aral City of the First Division is located on the impact plain of the three river basins of the Aksu River, Hotan River and Yarkand River, and is the origin of the Tarim River and the inheritance of the 1100th Brigade, and the headquarters of the division is located in Aral City, which is nearly <>,<> kilometers away from the highway mileage of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang.

People display harvested red dates. Photo by Qi Yaping

A beautiful melody and gentle song "Nanniwan" made the deeds of the 359th Brigade of the former Eighth Route Army, a heroic unit with outstanding achievements, "able to fight and produce" well-known. "Born in Jinggangshan, grew up in Nanniwan, fought tens of thousands of li, and reclaimed in the Tianshan Mountains." It is General Wang Zhen's most vivid and vivid summary of the historical evolution of Aral City, the First Division of the Xinjiang Corps. This also made the city of Aral of the First Division a veritable inheritance of the 359th Brigade.

All kinds of apples appeared. Photo by Qi Yaping

It has been learned that this year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the First Division, and over the past 70 years, the <>th Brigade and its descendants have been reclaiming the upper reaches of the Tarim River, turning the Gobi desert into <>,<> mu of fertile land, creating one human miracle after another.

Fiery red peppers herald the passing of the day. Photo by Qi Yaping

In recent years, the First Division of Aral City has concentrated on stabilizing grain, excellent cotton, strong fruit, and revitalizing animal characteristics, and has built an important high-quality cotton production base in China, the largest characteristic forestry and fruit industry base of the Xinjiang Corps and a high-quality milk source base in Xinjiang, a national cotton futures delivery warehouse, the second largest in the country and the first red date delivery warehouse in Xinjiang, the total output of cotton and forest fruits ranks in the forefront of the Xinjiang Corps, the winter wheat demonstration field sets a new record for wheat yield in southern Xinjiang, and apples and walnuts have won national geographical indication products.

At the event, melons and fruits gathered. Photo by Qi Yaping

At present, the first division of Aral City has initially formed an industrial chain for the intensive processing of agricultural and sideline products such as dairy products, edible oil, biological protein, concentrated fruit juice, liquor beverages, etc., and has been approved to establish a national red jujube industrial cluster, a national pig industry cluster, and a corps-level apple industry cluster construction, and won the national agricultural product production area cold storage preservation county promotion demonstration county. Agriculture is getting stronger and stronger, companies are getting more and more beautiful, and the "money bags" of the masses of workers are getting bigger and bigger.

The 10,2 mu of millet planted in Chang'an Town, <> regiments of Aral City, of the First Division, ushered in a bumper harvest season. Photo by Qi Yaping

The event also awarded the 2023 First Division Aral City Grain Planting Outstanding Contribution Award to the high-yield grain and oil regiment town; Awarded medals to 6 key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization recognized as corps level in 2023; Awarded medals to the National Apple Agricultural Industry Strong Town, Xinjiang Corps Red Jujube Agricultural Industry Strong Town, and Xinjiang Corps Hanging Dry Apricot Agricultural Industry Strong Town; Honorary certificates were awarded to advanced individuals who created high yields in summer grain in 2023. (End)